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Kanna Kirishima (桐島 カンナ)

Floral Namesakes: Canna lily (JP: "kanna"); also the paulownia tree (JP: "kiri") and possibly the vibrant red Kirishima azalea (Rhododendron obtusum)
Place of Origin: Okinawa, Japan
Martial Talents: Ryuukyuu Kirishima Ryu Karate-do
Koubu-Kai/Jinbu/Tenbu/Koubu Nishiki Unit:
Color: Red
Weapons: Magnetized hand-claws
Birthdate: September 7, 1903
Age: 18
Height: 197 cm (6'6")
Weight: 78 kg
B/W/H: 93/70/98
Blood Type: B
Theme songs: "Shakunetsu Boogie" ("Red-Hot Boogie") and "Minami Kaze GO GO" ("South Wind GO GO")

Always hungry and tomboyish, the fairly easygoing Kanna serves as the group's raw muscle. Kanna is the master of a Martial Arts style that allows her to easily kill a bull with her bare hands. She sometimes gets into an argument with Sumire over their differences in attitude.

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Voice Actors
Tanaka, Mayumi
McGlynn, Mary Elizabeth
Lemes, Cecília
Baré, Jennifer