Mitsuru Ikeda

Koko wa Green Wood
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Koko wa Green Wood
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Mitsuru Ikeda (池田 光流)

The President of Greenwood dormatory, and best friend of Shinobu Tezuka. Ikeda Mitsuru sure knows how to have fun at someone else's expense. The adopted son of the caretaker of the Ikeda temple in Tokyo, Mitsuru looks like Kazuya's brother in his younger days, and Mitsuru also seems to enjoy giving Kazuya a hard time. Mitsuru resides with Shinobu and is next door to Kazuya and Shun, creating an interesting foursome. He also has an unusual ability. His face is able to heal any cut or bruise in under a minute. All that rough treatment on Kazuya, however, is merely his way of toughening up he can take Mitsuru's place as Residence Hall President. Also, he tries his best to stay away from his adopted family. Since he was a child, he knew he was adopted, and he knew he didn't really belong, so he tries to distance himself from his adopted family.

(Source: TTcomic)

Voice Actors
Iwata, Mitsuo
Doyle, Peter
Olk, Dan

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