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Moondoggie (ムーンドギー)

Moondoggie is the second-newest member of the Gekkostate (the newest being Renton). In the beginning, he was in charge of the LFO catapult systems and launch pads on board the Gekko, but later he becomes the head pilot, replacing Talho when she has to leave the post, as he is the group's only other licensed pilot. His pilot's license, seen in episode 34, lists his name as James Darren Emerson. His nickname is frequently shortened to "Doggie" by other members of Gekkostate, and Renton sometimes calls him "Doggie-niisan" ("Brother Doggie" in the English dub), referring to Moondoggie as his older brother. In the Japanese version, Moondoggie speaks in a strong Kumamoto accent whenever he gets overly emotional. In the English version, he occasionally talks in surfer speak. Moondoggie's role was minimal towards the end of the series; he would generally only be featured piloting Gekko, often making dramatic maneuvers to avoid attacks.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Miyano, Mamoru
Staley, Steve
Di Benedetto, Massimo
Jeong, Myeong Jun
Crepet, Alexandre
Morville, Luigi
Pirl, Filipe