Naruto: Shippuuden Movie 1
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Kusuna (クスナ)

Kusuna was a shinobi who hailed from the Land of Demons.

Kusuna had pink long hair and pink eyes with black pupils. His bangs covered his right eye. He wore a white attire with a hexagram symbol similar to the rest of the Gang of Four, a dark blue shirt inside, black gloves, a belt with two shuriken holsters, and martial artist shoes with golden anklets.

As a medical-nin, Kusuna's main duty in battle was to support. Unlike regular medical-nin, his primary goal was to enhance his team rather than to heal them. He could also use his medical ninjutsu to effectively battle and kill his opponents. Yomi claimed that Kusuna was the only one of the four, capable of handling the dark chakra snakes.
He had shown to be a capable strategist, repeatedly being able to fool his enemies with various misdirections and combo attacks. Also being the second in command, Kusuna had also shown to be a capable leader and tactician. During the surprise attacks, he can quickly assessed the situation at hand and effectively directed his team into a well-thought out counter-attack.

Voice Actors
Freeman, Crispin
Kakihara, Tetsuya
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