Nagi Mikado

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Nagi Mikado (帝 ナギ)

Age: 13
Birthday: July 15th
Height: 158cm
Weight: 45kg

A cute and a childish idol. He can be two faced: upbeat and cheerful in front of his fangirls, but also rude, pretentious, and seems to have no respect for other people, including his rivals such as ST☆RISH. Like the leader of their group, Ootori Eiichi, he is confident about winning the UTA☆PRI Award and looks forward to the competition. He also believes that ST☆RISH is not experienced enough to match HE★VENS's skills.

(Source: Utapri Wikia)

Voice Actors
Yonaga, Tsubasa
García, Iván