Joe Hibiki

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Joe Hibiki (枇々木 丈)

Born: March 29
Age: 29
Blood Type: B
Height: 187 cm

Joe is a Tokyo University graduate who felt despair and nothingness toward the human race, and also felt the limits of the world after 10 years of being on the G Team. However, after meeting Hajime, he gained back his passion for living, and became serious about his work. He is usually running the "Living Safety Department" in the town hall, where he is transformed into a clean, well-kempt, handsome man. However, in the evening, he lets down his hair, puts away his glasses, and smokes, changing his personality entirely. He calls Hajime "little lady," and himself "old man." Although he keeps his distance from Hajime, he actually is very interested in her.

Voice Actors
Namikawa, Daisuke
Mahany, Ty