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Spirit Albarn (スピリット=アルバーン)

He is the Shinigami's current weapon and Maka's father. He is very protective of Maka and is ready to jump to her aid any time she's in trouble (he is always stopped by the Shinigami). His wife is Maka's mother, but they are divorced now due to his constant flirting with other women. Even though he visits clubs, he is still insanely loyal to his ex-wife and daughter. He usually runs yelling about much he loves Maka and her mother (he calls Maka's mother Mama). He is extremely sad that his daughter hates him, but he still tries to be a good father by looking out for her in his own silly way. He used to be Dr. Franken's partner before partnering up with "Mama" who later became his wife (which obviously lead to the divorce). He still suffers nightmares about Dr. Franken trying to dissect him and has memories from college when he and Stein were roommates. His old name was Spirit.

Voice Actors
Mignogna, Vic
Ookawa, Tooru
Juhász, Zoltán
Souterelle, Frédéric
Byeon, Hyeon Wu
Loddi, Loris
Sangregório, Bruno
Portuguese (BR)
Vidal, Arturo Sian

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