Eiichi Takahashi

Eiichi Takahashi

Death Note
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Death Note
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Eiichi Takahashi (鷹橋 鋭)

He is the Vice President of Yotsuba Material Planning Division and Yotsuba Homes.

How to Read 13 states that he "never had what it takes to be a true leader" and that he was selected to attend the meetings to "make Higuchi look good." The book adds that other members view Takahashi as "foolish" because he does not "seem to put much thought into his comments."

Takahashi was formally married with children and is a graduate of Keiyo Business School. He is the son of Karazo Takahashi, the president of Japan Financial Times, and maintained a hobby in surfing.

Voice Actors
Nishi, Rintarou
Koch, Michael-Che
Simões, Márcio
Portuguese (BR)
Orth, David
Vallés, Alfonso
Massix, Pascal

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