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Lilith (リリス)

Lilith is a small fairy (a tsukumogami or artifact spirit) who carries the Lilith Mirror (リリスの鏡 Ririsu no Kagami), an object allowing whoever holds it to see a monster's true form as well as their hidden desires, but at the cost of the user's soul. The mirror was given to Kyoko by Ishigami with the intention to create a schoolwide uproar by revealing the students' true forms, but it eventually failed following Ishigami's defeat. In the anime, Kyoko accidentally obtains Lilith and the Lilith Mirror following a run-in with Kokoa, who was intending to use it to split Inner Moka from Outer Moka and keep Inner Moka for herself. Lilith was eventually defeated by the teamwork of Mizore, Ruby, Yukari and Kurumu.In the manga's second serialization, Lilith appears in Chapter 15 with Mikogami, suggesting she is now working for him.

Voice Actors
Kawamura, Maria
Whitehead, Maxey
Blanchet, Margot