Bunken Gakushin

Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny
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Shin Ikkitousen
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Shin Ikkitousen
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Bunken Gakushin (樂進 文謙)

Another member of Kyosho's Three Pillared Gods with the ability to read an individual's magatama by French kissing them. When she read Kanu's mind, she discovered her love for Ryubi. However, she also had a vision of Kanu's predecessor from 1800 years ago. Gakushin broke down and was left stunned when she realized just how powerful Kanu is when she was reawakened. She also uses her kiss to read Koukin's magatama, discovering the whereabouts of one of the Hyakuhekitō. In the anime, the timing of her reading Kanu's mind is different; in the manga, she does it after Jokou knocked Kanu out, but in the anime she does it after Kanu surrenders and is taken prisoner.

Voice Actors
Kawaragi, Shiho
Vielhaben, Ann
Schoenberg, Melissa

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