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Chikage (千影)

Mysterious, aloof, and occasionally gothic, Chikage is very much into spellcraft, the occult, and religion. She is an accomplished practitioner of dark magic, but prefers to utilize her sorcery in subtle methods, rather than brute power. Common images associated with her are the Christian cross and butterflies. Addresses her brother as Ani-kun (兄くん) (-kun is an address a boy who has a close relation or was about the same age as the address; gives the impression that her age is close to the brother's).
In the anime, Chikage claims that she and the brother have been together in previous lives, possibly as brother and sister, perhaps as lovers. She expresses a desire to have him for herself somehow, but admits that he has refused the offer or simply slipped from her grasp several times throughout their incarnations. Out of all the sisters, she is the only one who entertains thoughts of somehow taking the brother away from the others, and almost executes plans to do so.

Birthday - March 6
Zodiac sign - Pisces
Height - 157 cm (about 5' 2")

Voice Actors
Kawasumi, Ayako
Calene-Black, Shelley