Noein: Mou Hitori no Kimi e
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Fukurou (フクロウ)

Age: 27

Fukurou is Isami in the same future timespace as Karasu. He also became a Dragon Knight. Unlike the tormented Karasu, Fukurou managed to keep his sense of humor and laid-back personality, and his motto seems to be "Don't worry about it." Being Karasu's best friend, Fukurou failed the mission to kill him when he was declared a traitor deciding to aid Karasu.

He seems to find our timespace less painful than Karasu, looking fondly on Ai, Yuu, and his younger self and admonishing Yuu and Isami to "stay friends." Like Karasu, he looks very different from his younger self —tall, muscular, with a long brown ponytail, and only one eye (presumably lost in a gang war in his teens). Fukurou is Japanese for owl.

Voice Actors
Kiyasu, Kohei
Rigotti, Alessandro
Klein, Robert Martin