Rattle Dralles

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Rattle Dralles (ラトル・ドラールス)

A pair of rich, young men who fight in the Zi Fighter tournament as the Dark Assassins Team (Dralles team in the Japanese version). Rattle pilots a Killer Dome, while Malloy pilots a Dark Spiner, and the two Zoids are capable of fusing to form the Killer Spiner. The pair of them are somewhat overconfident in their abilities, seeing their Fuzor as being invincible.

The Killer Spiner was in the path of Keith's (see below) rampage, along with two Blade Ligers that possibly belonged to Black Impact and Sigma's Boldguard. The brothers can be seen later on in the series, and a Dark Spiner that may or may not have been theirs appears in a few scenes.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Kirii, Daisuke
Hill, Matt