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Ryuji Toramaru (虎丸 龍次)

A comical guy with herculean strength and a big appetite.
He claims to practice Mouko-ryuu Kenpo, but in actuality it is just his own style of Kenpo. Because he farted in the face of an instructor the day he enrolled, he was accuses of treason and forced to hold up a 200 kg suspended ceiling for half a year.

Although initially depicted as strong enough to knock out Momo and break off a piece of the ice ring with a single punch, he later mostly serves as a commentator with Togashi. Though he accepts this position and even calls himself the "Eternal Commentator of Otokojuku", whenever he does fight again he fights bravely.

His specialty is sumo and he was a yokozuna back in his hometown. He will often fight wearing only his fundoshi. His father Ryuta appears in Peerless: The Legend of Edajima Heihachi in a maximum-security army prison, holding a suspended ceiling, the same way his son was introduced.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Yara, Yuusaku