Dolphin Bomber

Bomberman Jetters
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Dolphin Bomber (ドルフィン ボンバー)

Dolphin Bomber was created to find the unique perfume by MechaDoc. She was capable of fending off the Jetters. However, White Bomber, Bongo, and Gangu devised a plan to have her jump through a hoop, in which her dolphin instincts would react to. At the midst of jumping through the hoop, White Bomber threw a bomb at her and reverted her back into a normal dolphin.

Dolphin Bomber also reappeared in "A Fierce Battle! B-1 Grand Prix!!," participating in the B-1 Grand Prix. She was fighting against Musashi. However, Musashi waited patiently before starting the battle. By the time he was ready to fight, Dolphin Bomber's pool had dried up, therefore losing the match.

Voice Actors
Suga, Miki