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Julia Tachibana (橘樹里亜)

The sixteen-year-old main character of the manga. She is one of the top talents in the company "Shanghai Talent Limited". Because of that, she was initially jealous of Ran's potential, but eventually she fell in love with Ran.

She can be very stubborn, exuberant, delusional and difficult, much to the annoyance of her manager, Saeki. She has a strong work ethic, going so far as to ensure that her career is never compromised due to her personal life. This is something which Ran admires.

Julia envisions herself to be a lecherous wolf who needs to stay away from Ran lest she confess or act on her feelings. She is later shocked to realise, much to nobody else's surprise, that she is extremely incompetent when it comes to doing anything to or with Ran. She laments that she is the more submissive between the two of them.

She is the president and sole member of the "We love love love Ran-Ran Fan Club".

Julia suffers intense nosebleeds whenever Ran does something cute, when she thinks something perverted, and when Ran touches her. It gets to the point that she briefly considers medical help to stop her nose from bleeding so profusely.

At the end of the series,

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