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Satoshi Onoe (尾上 聡)

Satoshi Onoe, an aspiring journalist that is passionate about politics is unwillingly placed under the "Movement of Celebrities and Pop Culture" due to an absent staff member. In this section, he is ironically given a partnership with Motoharu Kaburagi. He reminisces the day when he and Kabu attended the same department of a journalism company and through Onoe's hard work, Kabu seemed to beat him through every section to be published on DASH magazine ergo counting him as his rival. And being partnered with Kabu seemed to only thicken his harboring hatred.

After partnering with Kaburagi, Onoe is puzzled by Kaburagi's character because he is quite different towards women than when he's working with him. And unlike Kaburagi, Onoe has his dignity and even calls Kaburagi a liar for using inappropriate tactics to gain information and evidence. Over time, Onoe is gradually willing to know more about Kaburagi and soon realizes that Kabu is much different than he was given the impression. He eventually becomes attracted to Kabu and becomes more bashful around him.This stirs up Kabu and becomes increasingly attracted to Onoe's honesty. Though Onoe is an honest man, it confuses Kabu because he cannot identify whether Onoe is sarcastic or not; as a result he takes everything Onoe says seriously at the start of their intimate relationship because he knows Onoe rarely lies. Onoe is very attracted to Kabu and is easily jealous when it comes to him thus being toiled in assumptions whenever a women gets close to Kabu.

Voice Actors
Kobayashi, Yuusuke