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Michio Hino (日野 道生)

Michio was originally a resident of Tatsumiya Island, but about five years prior to the start of the series, he and his father Youji left in order to fight for the world's sake rather than just the island's. Since then, he has been an ace pilot of the Human Army and taken in and trained the young orphan Canon Memphis, whom he saved during the battle in Dublin, Ireland.

When he finally returns to the island, he proves himself a good guy, turning against the Human Army when they try to destroy Tatsumiya. He has been in love with Toomi Yumiko, one of his classmates, for all these years, and has been enduring the gradual decaying of his chromosomes from piloting his Fafner so that his father could research his cells and find ways to extend the lives of all Fafner pilots. When he comes back to settle on Tatsumiya, he and Yumiko are finally able to find a bit of happiness together in the midst of their battle-rifed lives.

Michio is the pilot of the Fafner Mega Therion (not a Nothung model like those used on Tatsumiya Island), but later pilots the Mark I. His nickname in the Human Army is "666" (pronounced "Triple Six"). His father is stationed at the New United Nations' Moldova Base and his mother remained on Tatsumiya Island but was killed along with Kuramae Karin in the first Festum attack.

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Voice Actors
Hori, Hideyuki
Davies, Erik