Shien "Kid" Mushanokoji

Shien Mushanokoji

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Eyeshield 21
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Shien Mushanokoji (武者小路紫苑)

Birthday: November 11
Height: 179cm
Weight: 67kg
Blood type: A
Uniform number: 7

Shien Mushanokoji, known as "Kid" to everyone else, is the son of a Olympic gold medalist in pistol shooting. He was trained by his father to be a winner in shooting, and he was made to feel like a failure after any loss. He eventually left his home and abandoned his name. Due to his background in shooting, he is known for "Quick-Draw Pass," where he throws the football in 0.15 seconds by using both of his hands to generate a fast spiral. He pairs with his childhood friend, Tetsuma, who always sticks to a planned path, so Kid can instantly throw the ball to him. He is very laid back and he believes something bad always follows something good. While most other players dream of reaching the Christmas Bowl, he initially lacks any sort of goal in playing, as he believes having a goal will only lead to it being crushed.

Voice Actors
Uchida, Yuuya
Vilchis, José Gilberto
Espinoza, Duda
Portuguese (BR)