Roland "Chef Who Never Smile " Chapelle

Roland Chapelle

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Roland Chapelle (ローランド・シャペル)

Roland Chapelle is one of the stern lecturer in the Tootsuki Culinary Academy, who was infamous for his extreme discipline. Earned the nickname as the Chef Who Never Smiles, Chapelle takes student's performance and presentation in a serious matter which every presentations counts as if it is their conduct in their future careers, not just in French cuisine but also others involves cookery. Whoever failed to reach his eligible standard shall faced his worst judgment upon them, making this veteran lecturer a judge, jury and even executioner in this prestige academy. He always has been this strict until Souma Yukihira, the Yukihira transfer student's resourceful and innovative cooking that made him smile for the first time with the impression Souma's version of Boeuf Bourguignon; making Souma is the first (and the only) rookie chef intrigued by this iron heart veteran.

As the professional lecturer with French Cuisine is part of his forte and pride, Chapelle is very serious upon his native dish and he is not tolerate any fools (student or anyone alike) making fun of it. It is also believed that rigid discipline meant 100% success, Chapelle has a concept that any student whom didn't pass with the flying colors are considered people who failed to prove their worth. With his grumpy and no-nonsense attitude combined, Chapelle's strict discipline is so extreme that every students feared him as his judgement meant absolute end should the requirement didn't meet his expectations, to extended that even the legendary Alumni 10 dares not to cross him.

Behind this iron heart, Chapelle is also rather a fair lecturer who treated his students with fair results.

Voice Actors
Mizushima, Yuu
Höppner, Gregor
Gremillion, John
Pichon, Yann
Araújo, Anderson
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