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Rixia Mao (リーシャ・マオ)

Rixia was born and raised in Edith, Calvard in S.1187. She grew up with her father, the then-current Yin. She has no memories of her mother, which led her to think that her father possibly moved out with Rixia in order to pass down the title of Yin on his daughter. Her father was neither strict nor gentle, and only saw to her training. While travelling across Calvard, she attended the local Sunday school and got in touch with a great number of people.

The rest of her days were filled with rigorous training and practice with concealed weapons and Fu Shu. Inheriting the title of Yin also involved inheriting the knowledge and skills of her predecessors. As she progressed her training, Rixia felt that she became Yin. However, since there could be only one Yin active, Rixia spent her days at home honing her skills while waiting for her father to return home. He would never answer her questions as to when she would become acting Yin.

In S.1201, Rixia inherited the role of acting Yin when her father contracted an incurable disease. Although he was perceived as the strongest Yin history had known, the disease was too serious for him to overcome. Her father did not see a doctor or consider medical treatment. From his deathbed, he told Rixia she would inherit the title of Yin with his death. For the first time in her life, Rixia was afraid and told her father she would not be able to do it on her own. Her father told her that she should define her own role as Yin.

(Source: Kiseki Wiki)

Voice Actors
Satou, Rina

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