Timothy Wayneright I

Timothy Wayneright I

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Timothy Wayneright I (ティモシー・ウェインライト)

Age: 72
First Appeared: Ep. 1
Occupation: Philanthropist

The wealthy philanthropist named Timothy Wayneright was one of the founding fathers of Paradigm City. Along with Gordon Rosewater, Timothy Wayneright was able to fund the creation of the domed city we have today. Although giving much to the city and its inhabitants over the years, Wayneright became reclusive and withdrawn upon the death of his daughter, Dorothy. Generally regarded as compassionate, warm, and generous, Wayneright became distraught over his loss and desired for a way to fill the void left with the absence of his daughter. Wayneright, familiar with the exploits of Soldano, contacted and amply funded the scientist in order for a replacement to be created.

Voice Actors
Ishimori, Takkou
Seymour, Kevin