Akeno "Akeno-chi" Shiranui

Akeno Shiranui

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Seto no Hanayome
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Akeno Shiranui (不知火明乃)

Akeno is not only a mermaid but also a "mermaid examiner". She has the responsibility of deporting all the mer-people who fail to qualify as not only resembling humans but also not arousing any suspicion of their true identities.

When first introduced she had a hostile attitude towards the other major protagonists. This later changes as develops feelings of compassion towards them and also as she finds her "duty" as a Knight-in-training as an excuse used by the final antagonist.

Her name is related to Shiranui Sea and Venus (明けの明星, ake no myōjyō) Venus in the eastern morning sky.


Voice Actors
Kitamura, Eri
Nishimura, Trina

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