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Kosame (小雨)

Risa/Lisa Fukuyama's second attendant. She has a much larger role in the anime than the manga where, after a battle with Kirie, she becomes completely infatuated with her. Her obsession is so strong that just being in Kirie's presence is enough to make Kosame either grope or make some other pass at her, which occasionally requires Hayate to hold her back. When not fawning over Kirie, Kosame is as stoic a figure as Hayate and frequently uses her gun to either pry information out of others or to force them into doing her bidding. In the anime she also considerably stronger fighter then Kirie, easily overpowering her when they fought (though Kosame only flirted with Kirie instead of attacking her) and Kirie only beating her by dumb luck. She seems to like Kirie.

Voice Actors
Masu, Nozomi
Little, Zarah