Mana "Adeptus 2" Takamiya

Mana Takamiya

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Mana Takamiya (崇宮 真那)

Age: unknown
Species: human
Eye color: brown
Hair color: blue
Equipment: CR-Unit
Affiliations: DEM Industries (Former Subordinate), Anti Spirit Team (Temporary)

Occupation: DEM Wizard (Former)
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant (Former)

One of the Wizards of DEM (Deus Ex Machina), an organization which provides realizer units to other wizards throughout the world to fend off spirits. When DEM was transferred to Tenguu City's AST, she was posted on that spot to deal with the Spirit called Nightmare. Mana doesn't recall much of her past, and it is said that she is one of the best wizards in existence.

Voice Actors
Angelle, Felecia
Volpé, Isabelle
Lobo, Ana
Elßel, Laura
Manso, Sofia
Portuguese (BR)