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Virus (ウイルス)

Birthday: February 23
Height: 182 cm (5'11")
Blood type: AB
AllMate: Hersha
Occupation: Midorijima Yakuza
Team: Morphine
Likes: interesting, fun, and amazing things
Dominant hand: left

Virus is one of the supporting characters in DRAMAtical Murder. Although Virus may resemble Trip a lot, they are not actually twins. Virus' hair is pale blonde, spiked up at the back with his bangs on the right. His eyes are bright blue and he wears a pair of glasses, which are black with green arms. As accessories, he wears a pair of earrings that match the ones Trip wears. His tie is checkered to compliment Trips' clothes, and he wears a fitted black suit, as well as white shoes. Additionally, he wears a Morphine pin on his suit.

Back when Virus was young, he wore oval shape framed glasses and his hair was less spiky. Virus also revealed that his eye color changed after both he and Trip were tampered with, so they would not not be affected by Sei's abilities.

(Source: DMMD Wikia)

Voice Actors
Majima, Junji

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