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Noiz (ノイズ)

Age: 19
Birthday: June 13
Height: 179 cm

A mysterious man that appears in Aoba's room unannounced. His body is covered in piercings, twenty-six to be exact. He continues to show his technological prowess by hacking into the security system in Platinum Jail and instigating a drive-by Rhyme game with Aoba. He leads his own Rhyme team, Ruff Rabbit, and carries a group of All-Mates hanging on his hips called Usagimodoki, cubes with bunny patterns (real world) that take the form of real bunnies with red boxing gloves in Rhyme.

(Source: In-game Info, DMMD Drama CD)

Voice Actors
Hino, Satoshi
Hartzog, Corey

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