Kayoko Kuraishi

Tokio Kidou Police
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Tokio Kidou Police: Bishoujo Taiin, Shukkin seyo!
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Kayoko Kuraishi

Kayoko is Noriko along with the female group in Tokyo Private Police Quartet. She cares about all a very friendly relationship. Furthermore, it is a very open and direct character, but she also has a naughty side to him. Isamu that has cast an eye on it, it has not escaped. As freely as it is about sex, she surprised Isamu in her charming way to a love game in the locker room before Yasuos and Noriko eyes, leaving the room in shame. Then have Isamu and they always fun during shifts.

Voice Actors
Marenghi, Maura
Takada, Yumi
Martínez, Julia