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Sheila (シーラ)

The most knowledgeable and adept witch of the trio, she initially disliked Arusu and her loud attitude. She is stubborn and obnoxious. A spell to stop her growth was cast on her and Eva for their failure to keep the sprites from escaping from their holding facility. For the first half of the series, she was concentrated on recapturing all the sprites in order to remove the spell (she was mostly concerned with removing the spell from Eva). Sheila is the daughter of a witch and wizard. But according to customs, she must live in the witch's world away from her father. Her mother abandoned her early in life to stay with her husband in Wizard World. This hardened her heart and she became the perfectionist we see in the show, bent on becoming a powerful witch and depending on no one but herself. Arusu's pacifist beliefs annoyed her at first, but had a change of heart later in the season, becoming one of the Arusu's strongest allies and supporters. She was later entrusted by the Grand Master of witches to find the traitor among them, who the wizards need to perform Black Magic. She suspected one of the three sages, unaware that the future traitor is closer to her than she thinks. Though she may seem gruff, Sheila has a good heart.

Voice Actors
Kuwashima, Houko
Robinson, Cindy
Thompson, Claudia
Bae, Jeong Mi
Costa, Emilia