Tetsuo Ishimaru

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Tetsuo Ishimaru (石丸 哲生)

Position: Fullback / Cornerback
Jersey: 30
40 yard dash: 4.9 seconds
Height: 168 cm (5' 6")
Weight: 59 kg (130 lb)
Blood Type: A
Birthday: May 26
Graduated From: Jimichuu Middle School
2nd Year Student (Grade 11)

Ishimaru is the Devil Bats' second running back. Ishimaru was recruited from the track team by Sena who took over half of his paper route for him. He played in the Koigahama match, but was injured due to Sena being unable to discern between the types of cleats. Ishimaru continued to play for the Devil Bats, even though no one notices his presence in the team. However, his obscurity plays to his advantage when playing since no one notices when he is handed the ball. Many teams curse to themselves in front of him after the play, usually saying that, "he has no presence," or that, "We didn't notice him". He's the track and field captain, which is why Hiruma usually refers to him as "Track Star".

Ishimaru often acts as a fullback, blocking for Sena on screen passes and other trick plays. Like Yukimitsu, Ishimaru also grows out his hair, but no one seems to notice. He is referred to as the "Stealth Running Back", "Shadowless God Of Death", or just "plain" Ishimaru. He is such a pushover, that he's willing to go with anything that happens around him. His catchphrase is, "It's alright."

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
George, Grant
Katou, Kei
Paquet, Frédéric
Fonseca, Eduardo

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