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Koji Kuroki (黒木 浩二)

Position: Lineman/Offensive Tackle
Jersey: 52
Bench press: 85 kg
Birthday: September 2
40 yard dash: 5.1 second

Kuroki sports dark hair of medium-length with noticeably longer eyelashes than the other two. He seems to be the most violent, and his usual weapon is his metal bat. When playing defense, Kuroki can sometimes play Linebacker. The other two stick to Defensive Line. He seems to be a prodigy at games, whether it be tossing hoops or an arcade game. (In the first book end-of-the-book character introduction, he is shown to be firing a Kikôha as he yells "HUH-DOE-KEN!!!") In the arcade when Deimon does their final prep work for facing Seibu the first time, Kuroki is shown to be furiously button-mashing, and a player comments that he is unexpectedly good at video games. Out of the three, Kuroki is the most hot-headed, and willing to fall back on his street-fighting skills when his lineman skills fail him. Later, as he and the others become more distinguished as individuals, Hiruma gives him his own nickname, "fish mouth."

He is surprisingly gifted musically as music is one of the few classes he excels in.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Oliver, Tony
Iwasaki, Masami
Martin, Philippe
Martínez, Kaihiamal
Mendonça, Fernando
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