Ritsuko "Rit-chan" Inoue

Ritsuko Inoue

Elf wo Karu Mono-tachi
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Elf wo Karu Mono-tachi
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Ritsuko Inoue (井上 律子)

A 16-year-old high school girl and military otaku. She's a tomboy but not to the point where she loses her femininity. Drives the tank and also acts as a sniper from time to time; she often sets landmines and booby traps. Despite her love of modern military hardware, Ritsuko also displays a more sensitive and innocent side: she falls in love with the cute Pichi and maintained a belief in Father Christmas long after her peers had abandoned it and is also frightened to death of ghosts. Ritsuko carries a Heckler & Koch USP40, G36C Assault Rifle, PSG1 Sniper Rifle, a sheath knife and some C4. Her I.Q is 500. She also speaks fluently in English and German (source: Wikipedia)

In the manga, she demonstrates a clear affection to Junpei and is shown to be extremely jealous when Junpei is approached by another girl romantically.

Voice Actors
Miyamura, Yuko
Hernández, Cristina
Curtis, Rozie
Baroli, Luciana
Portuguese (BR)