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Crimson Kingbolt

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Crimson Kingbolt (クリムゾン・キングボルト)

Crimson Kingbolt has a laid-back personality and is willing to use his burst points in order to help Itosu and Ruka level up. He cares deeply for the two as he is willing to stall Sulfur Pot to let them escape if needed.

He originally lived in Tokyo where he was friends with Black Lotus. However, he moved to Okinawa after his parents divorced. After moving to Okinawa, he became a parent to Ruka Asato who later becomes a parent to Itosu Mana. He became a "master" to both of them as he taught them the rules of Brain Burst. He also gave them both rules to always follow which are never use acceleration for selfish purposes and only talk about the Accelerated World to other Burst Linkers. He is also a freshman in high school.

(Source: Accel World Wiki)

Voice Actors
Haberkorn, Todd
Shingaki, Tarusuke
Dutel, Julien