Natarle Badgiruel

Natarle Badgiruel

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Natarle Badgiruel (ナタル・バジルール)

Rank: Ensign
Lieutenant Junior Grade (PHASE-15)
Age: 25
Birthday: December 24
Blood type: AB
Genetic type: Natural
Height: 174 cm

The combat commander of the Earth Alliance warship Archangel, who supervises the ship's Combat Information Center. Natarle is a superb tactical analyst with keen judgement and a knack for swift decision-making. As the child of a military family, she is a stickler for regulations, and her hardline attitude often leads to clashes with the Archangel's acting captain Murrue Ramius.

Source: GundamOfficial

Voice Actors
Kuwashima, Houko
Ortiz, Lisa
Johns, Sarah
Mißbach, Silvia
Manoury, Agnès

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