Leon Orcot

Petshop of Horrors
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Petshop of Horrors
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Leon Orcot

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Age: 24(?)
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 72 kg

Leon Orcot is a hot-headed young detective who attempts to connect the pet shop with mysterious deaths in the region. He is convinced Count D is a criminal and proceeds to investigate him with an iron will, determined to be the one to put the cuffs on the manicured hands of D. Over time, he forms a close and complicated relationship with the Count. He has a disdain for the supernatural and therefore refuses to be believe D's explanations for the events of the story, though this attitude is challenged as the series progresses. He is extremely lecherous as displayed though the series, and spends a lot of time chasing girls. Over the course of the series, Leon is given two pets by D (a flowering plant and a butterfly), both of which help him through hard times in his life (as opposed to other pets sold, which are meant to teach their owners a lesson).

Voice Actors
Onosaka, Masaya
Kim, Il
Brétignière, Jean-Christophe
Fernandez, Alex

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