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Kate (ケイト)

Birthday: September 1
Blood type: O
Height: 156cm

Kate is a transfer student from Canada, and a member of class 1-10. Kate has long straight blond hair and blue eyes. She speaks strongly accented Japanese, and likes to show off her ability to write Kanji by writing almost everything in it, even when it isn't appropriate, such as when she wrote her own name as "keito" (毛糸), which means "yarn," and her home country's name, Canada, as Kaneda (金田), a Japanese surname.

Kate is a new member of the art club. She has a bright and cheerful personality, and becomes friends with Aso very quickly.

She has a Persian cat, named Buchi. Buchi can only speak in "cat English."

Kate likes animals, shopping, and Japanese sweets. Her dislikes are wasabi and mustard.

Voice Actors
Gotou, Yuuko