Arietta "Arietta the Wild, Gloomietta"


Tales of the Abyss
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Tales of the Abyss
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Arietta (アリエッタ)

Arietta is a timid girl who was raised by Ligers after losing her parents to a tidal wave, which wiped out the Isle of Feres. Since then, she has learned to control monsters and animals to aid her in battle. She also specializes in dark based fonic artes such as Bloody Howling and Negative Gate and she also casts defensive fonic artes such as Barrier and Sharpness on her monster companions in battle. In her two last battle the player can steal the Time-Traveling Girl and the Rare Genius from her as accessories for Anise. Arietta was once the Fon Master Guardian of Ion, and despises Anise for "taking Ion away" from her. Arietta wishes to kill Luke's party for killing the Liger Queen early in the game, which Arietta refers to as "Mommy".

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Yukino, Satsuki