Takuro Hayami

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Takuro Hayami (拓郎速水)

Takuro transferred to St. Arcadia Academy to get a good education. What he gets is an education in sexual politics. Almost all of his roommates are after him and once his secret gets out, the rest of the women on campus won't stop until they get a piece of him. He has feelings towards Saori. Clues to his "ultimate sex power" are his stamina, his penis continuing to grow inside a woman, and most bizarrely, the ability to ejaculate copious amounts of semen. However he doesn't appear to be very strong physically as he is often over powered by female students and teachers who rape him. Although, due to him liking his situation in the first episode, it could be hinted that he could be enjoying it.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Ogihara, Hideki
Grauel, Heiko
Bellissard, Yannick