Dorothy Catalonia

Dorothy Catalonia

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Dorothy Catalonia (ドロシー・カタロニア)

Height-158 cm
Hair Color-Platinum Blonde
Eye Color-Purple
Age-15 Birth Date-180 (A.C.)

Family-Treize Khushrenada (cousin) and Duke Dermail (grandfather)

Dorothy Catalonia is considered the antithesis of Relena Peacecraft; whereas Relena advocates total pacifism without fighting, Dorothy strongly believes in human confrontation and conflicts in order to achieve such a goal. She also believes that human conflict will always be a part of life. Dorothy attended the school in the Sanc Kingdom, where Relena Peacecraft was teaching women total pacifism, in the name of her biological and adoptive father. However, she was really a spy for the Romefeller Foundation as her grandfather was Duke Dermail. Though Relena's aide-de-camp expressed doubts about Dorothy, but Relena was confident that she would accept her ideals in time.

Though not much is known about Dorothy, from the anime series it is seen that she is a great orator, able to convey her ideas and thoughts to others. Being a spy for the Romefeller Foundation, she knows a few things about being an observer. Dorothy soon headed out into space, to join White Fang leader Zechs Merquise, going by his real name Milliardo Peacecraft. At first, Milliardo's first thought was to destroy her shuttle, as she was from Romefeller, but relents when she passionately details his history. She becomes his second in command, witness to him using Libra's main cannon to attack Earth. When Zechs gives Dorothy the ZERO System to control the Virgo II mobile dolls, her skills as a tactician increase significantly, able to fend off the Gundam Pilots. However, in reality, Dorothy is putting up her facade of a strong woman, while she's actually insecure, lonely and traumatized by the horrors of war, and she'd stop at nothing to put an end to the carnage.

Episode Zero

Endless Waltz

Frozen Teardrop

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Voice Actors
Matsui, Naoko
Weseluck, Cathy
Mazza, Sonia
Gaidarji, Tânia
Portuguese (BR)
Gravina, Benedetta
Cordevin, Joey
Maudet, Isabelle