Reo "Yaksha" Mibuchi

Reo Mibuchi

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Reo Mibuchi (実渕 玲央)

Age: 17
Height: 188cm
Weight: 74 kg
School: Rakuzan High
Number: #6
Position: Shooting Guard
Skill: Heaven Shooting Form, Earth Shooting Form, Oblivion Shooting Form

He is a regular of Rakuzan High and one of the Uncrowned Kings. He is nicknamed the Yaksha, which refers to a kind of nature spirit.

Mibuchi was a very strong and talented player in Junior High school, but was overshadowed by the Generation of Miracles. This is how he earned the title of one of the five Uncrowned Kings.

He wore the number 7 Jersey back in Junior High School

(Source: Kuroko no Basuke Wikia)

Voice Actors
Hatano, Wataru
Montalto, Jean-Marco
Karliak, John Paul