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Red Rider

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Red Rider (レッド· ライダー)
Gender: Male
Occupation: Red king (Retired)
Legion: Prominence (Leader)
Avatar: Red Rider
Level: 9
Likes: Peace, Purple Thorn, Black Lotus
Dislikes: War and fighting amongst one another to attain level ten.
Abilities: Judgement Blow

Red Rider was the first Red King and was the previous leader of the Red Legion, Prominence.Red Rider was passionate enough to express his dislike towards war and fighting amongst one another to attain level ten and was open-minded to other people's opinions. He is friendly and willing to trust people as seen during the Kings of Pure Color meeting, where he received a hug from Black Lotus as a sign of respect. However, this would be his undoing as Black Lotus took the chance and used Death By Embracing on him.

Rider along with the Kings of Pure Color attained level nine and decided to create a treaty that seperates their territories and disallowed fighting amongst each other to obtain level ten. To further enhance it, he intended to make an offering of powerful guns to each Legion's King.

(Source: Accel World Wiki)

Voice Actors
Tsuda, Kenjirou
Silverstein, Keith