Yamato "Chief Hotsuin, Yama-chan" Houtsuin

Yamato Houtsuin

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation
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Devil Survivor 2: The Animation
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Yamato Houtsuin (峰津院大和)

Birthdate: June 10
Age: 17
Zodiac: Gemini
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 59kg
Cell Phone Color: Yellow
Occupation: JP's Director
Home: Tokyo
Demons: Cerberus, Baal,

He is the director of JP's and leads the attacks against the Septentriones. He is a young man who has messy straight sliver hair and purple eyes with one of his bangs hanging on his right eye. He wears a JP's standard director uniform with white gloves, black heavy trench coat, black baggy trousers, and black leather boots.
He has a calm composure when making decisions and deciding on actions while fighting the mysterious invaders. He has great leadership abilities, is smart, decisive and effective, but lacks common sense about “unnecessary” things that his parental figures never taught him about. He can say cruel truth and make cruel decisions without feeling bad because he has no concept of compassion taught to him. Due to his upbringing, he views the worth of individual's value from their achievement rather than artificial concept like money and power and developed belief that there is no future for the weak, so the strong ones must take the lead. He has pride in his family name and unable to accept that the current world that he viewed unworthy of being protected by his family.

(Source : Megamitensei Wikia)

Voice Actors
Suwabe, Junichi
Ogata, Megumi
Gremillion, John
Avocato, Meaghan
Wien, Fabian Oscar