Fuyumi Kujirakawa

Fuyumi Kujirakawa

Great Teacher Onizuka
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Fuyumi Kujirakawa (鯨川 冬美)

A member of the girls basketball team and manga club, Fuyumi Kujirakawa is notably tall for a girl her age, and much to her displeasure, since boys tend to prefer girls who are smaller in height than themselves. When Kunio Murai receives a love letter, with the name of the sender written out, except for the kanji "冬" ("Fu", in the English version), he believes it is Aoi Fukada, but Kōji Fujiyoshi and Tadaaki Kusano states it could also be Fuyumi herself. Although the sender was Kumiko Fukada, Fuyumi does carry some affection for Murai, but is afraid to tell him, due to their difference in height. Murai also states he finds it too unnatural and weird to be with her. Later on, his attitude towards her begins changing.

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Voice Actors
Honda, Takako
Robinson, Cindy
Pâris, Christine
Vulcano, Monica