Anko "An-chan" Uehara

Anko Uehara

Great Teacher Onizuka
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Anko Uehara (上原 杏子)

Anko Uehara is an athletic girl with well-off parents who has her own trio, in which she is accompanied by Naoko Asano and Mayuko Izumi.
Anko is one of the first of the class to start trouble for Eikichi Onizuka, due to her and her friends' constant mistreatment of Noboru Yoshikawa. After the most recent assault on Noboru Yoshikawa leaving him severely beaten and humiliated yet again do they get taught a lesson by Onizuka, who literally spanks them at a karaoke bar and takes pictures of himself committing the act. Afterwards, Anko gets her mother, the president of the local Parent-Teacher Association, who believes her daughter is incapable of wrongdoing, to get Onizuka fired. This backfires, with the help of Noboru and Yoshito Kikuchi, who reveal her cruel, bullying nature in front of the student body and PTA. Anko tearfully confronts her mother about their relationship and perfectionist expectations of her, which leads to some family reconciliation and doesn't get any serious retribution from what she and her friends had done.
She and her friends keep their distance from any other attempts by students to get Onizuka fired, despite giving their verbal support.

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Voice Actors
Okamura, Akemi
Robinson, Cindy
Volpé, Isabelle
Han, Chae Eon
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