Byouri Kihara

Byouri Kihara


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index
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Byouri Kihara (木原病理)
Other than the obvious wheelchair, Byouri appears like that of a woman with tea colored wavy hair, tied up in a pony tail. She wears a pyjama, as if she was a patient of a hospital. One of the most recognizable characteristic she has is her blank brown eyes, which is often seen nearly covering the entire cornea.

Byouri hides her true nature with a facade befitting with that of a kind and helpess woman. Her true nature befits that of a true Kihara, having no problem with killing people off, as with the case in her attack in Baggage City. To complement this, she is also terribly devious, using her weak-looking nature to her own advantage.[1]
In her own words, she refers to herself as a someone who is good at giving up. She indicates that she has given up on many things, and on forcing others on giving up. She is described as being one of those who give up on things.[1]

However, since implanting Equ.DarkMatter into her, Kakike Teitoku's presence is still there, and is trying to reject Byouri's consciousness, as if Teitoku is taking control of Byouri's mind. Kagun believes that this maybe the reason why she does not normally use her power.

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