Hitomi "Tam" Kisugi

Hitomi Kisugi

Cat's Eye
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Cat's Eye
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Hitomi Kisugi (来生 瞳)

Hitomi is the main protagonist of the series. Second daughter of Michael Heinz, Hitomi is usually the one who actually commits the heists, and is hence uniquely referred to as the Cat's Eye. Like Rui, she is an accomplished athlete and well versed in a number of disciplines and skills ranging from horseback riding to safe cracking. She is a skilled gymnast and is able to perform complex acrobatic moves with ease and grace. She is able to escape most restraints and handcuffs with minimal effort, and it is inferred that she is ambidextrous as well as double jointed. She is a skilled martial artist with proficiency in a number of disciplines, most notably judo, boxing and karate, and also has degrees in kendo and aikido.

Like Rui, Hitomi is also able to disguise her appearance effortlessly and can speak several other languages.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Toda, Keiko
Tipton, Alexis
Atepi, Giuliana
Könning, Schaukje
Razzi, Claudia
Dougnac, Marie-Laure