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Rally Cheyenne (ラリー・シャイアン)

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 120 lbs

Rally is the leader and founder of AMP. Rally does not wear the AMP uniform, but instead dresses in formal business suits.

As commander of the AMP, Rally is highly concerned with the welfare and well being of the officers under her command. She realizes that her officers undergo stresses totally unlike that of normal police officers, and thus, is more concerned with results than specific regulations. Rally is very business-like in all her dealings, both with her own officers and with other police officials. Rally even has a sense of humor, but it's kept hidden.

There is little hard data to be found on Rally. Her personal files contain a large number of blanks. The age given above is conjectural: in the tenth volume of the manga (set in early 2030), she refers to her first meeting with Ganossa Maximillian as occurring thirty years ago (1999 or 2000) and that she was eight at the time. However, she states in volume 3 (2027) that she was born thirty years ago.

Her private life is a total mystery, as well as such simple details as where she lives. If she has any romantic attachments is unknown. It is known that Rally has a sister by the name of Rosa, who has sided with the Lucifer Hawk.

Rally and Rosa are half-Lucifer Hawk. This gives them great magical powers, though they are rarely shown. When Rosa was first introduced, Rally experienced flashbacks to her childhood that included persecution of the 'devil's children.' As a result, the older sibling is often reluctant to use her powers.

Their parents are most likely dead; a woman named Lufa (spelling uncertain) with a strong resemblance to Rally showed up in one episode of the TV series, Mobius Klein, with a few indications that she was Rally's mother. She was part of the old Sorcerers' Guild with Gigelf Liqueur, Avalanche Wong, Genvara Cheng, and several others. Her main magical power was teleportation. (In manga 3 she tells her fellow AMP people that her mother was human but her father was from the Lucifer Hawk.)

Rally seems to have significant financial resources, as shown by the fact that she engineered a buyout of the privatized Japanese police department in early 2030 or late 2029. The initial founding of the AMP may also be considered evidence, though it is unknown if she had other backers at the time.

Voice Actors
Fujita, Toshiko
Harte, Melora
Sindberg, Susan
Goldberg, Marcy

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