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Kiddy Phenil (キディ・フェニル)

Height: 5'4"
Blood type: B

An Aboriginal Australian, Kiddy is dark-skinned and dark haired, with matching dark eyes. A former Mega-Tokyo police officer, she was almost killed by a megadyne (combat android) known as Wire. Rebuilt with a cybergraft upgrade, she later had her body converted to a combat upgrade before joining the new AMP.

Kiddy is a very emotional person, prone to passionate outbursts of frustration and anger. At times, she seems to thirst for violent confrontations with entities and is all too willing to be the first to tangle with the enemy. She applies much of this mentality to her off-duty life, enjoying Tokyo's varied cuisine and exotic nightlife.

Voice Actors
Tsuru, Hiromi
Beley, Lisa Ann
Pâris, Christine
Han, Chae Eon
Kurtz, Joyce