Delphine "Maestro Delphine" Eraclea

Delphine Eraclea

Last Exile
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Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam - Adjournment
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Delphine Eraclea

Delphine Eraclea is Dio Eraclea's older sister and head of the Guild. A run-in between her and Alex Row in the past has left her the sole target of his vengeance, and one of his only goals is to personally kill Delphine. The Maestro is portrayed as a decadent aristocrat, callous and ruthless in her ways. When Luciola decided to let Dio escape, the Maestro, feigning interest in his plea to let Dio go free, killed him with a device (in the shape of a ring) that essentially disintegrated him. However, she did not go unpunished, for Alex managed to strangle her even though he had been tied in place by rose tendrils. Like her favorite flower, the rose, the Maestro is beautiful but dangerous. With her death and the release of Exile by Alvis Hamilton, the might of the Guild was broken, never to be restored again.

t is unknown whether she has any real combative power of her own. Due to her impossibly immense oppressive influence, she really only needs her truly loyal subordinates to do her work, namely Cicada and his attack force. The only evidence of power she may have is in that she killed off the other families and remained as the sole house of the keys to Exile, which she stole the Mysteria from each house-except for house Hamilton's, the one she lost to Alex Row at Juan Carlos' auction at the price of 500 million Claudia.

Voice Actors
Neya, Michiko
Strassman, Karen
Dobrusskin, Susanne
Gaidarji, Tânia
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Morgan, Mary
Nosrée, Valérie
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