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Monet (モネ)
Monet is a harpy who poses as a scout and assistant for Caesar Clown and his underlings in the research facility on Punk Hazard. She is revealed to be a deep cover agent sent by Donquixote Doflamingo.

Monet appears to have a very flippant personality, choosing to only inform Caesar about the disaster unfolding on Punk Hazard, after finding out that the intruders were the Straw Hat Pirates. Despite all of the uproar, she maintains the thrilled smile on her face, implying she finds it amusing. Monet is also quite diligent, as she explained to Caesar how the Straw Hat Pirates' real strength might be above their current bounties.

Monet is also rather sadistic, seemingly enjoying the suffering of others such as chuckling at Law's pain from encountering Vergo. She is also rather flirtatious, such as flirting with Law when he returned to the lab and even thought about a date when he said he needed her.

Like many other characters, Monet has a distinct laugh, "Ufufufufu".

First Appearance: Chapter 657

(Source: One Piece Wikia)

Voice Actors
Matsui, Naoko
Brock, Farina